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How Do I Add New Plugins?

To add new plugins, click on Plugins from your Sidebar Menu while your on the WordPress dashboard, then in the upper left next to PLUGINS click Add New. 

There’s a search box that you can type in the search bar for specific plugin names – you can use the list below on the initial plugins that we recommend you install.

You can also upload plugins as well if you downloaded a file by clicking Upload Plugin. Most plugins will need some settings & configuration, so ensure you go and find the settings for each one and set them up as you need.

Before installing a plugin, take note on if it’s functionality you really need. If you decide after installing & activating, that you don’t need it – deactivate it, and then delete it. Every plugin on your site could be a potential security breach, and if they aren’t being used we want to remove them from the site.

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Wild Spirit Development | Websites • Marketing • Branding Logo